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Watts Gallery

Mrs Wiz and I took an unplanned visit to Watts Gallery in Compton Surrey yesterday. It was set up to show the paintings of the Victorian Artist George Frederick Watts and also includes Arts and Crafts work by his wife Mary Seaton Watts. A very short walk away is the Watts Chapel which was designed by Mary in the A & C style.

Entrance to the gallery was 7 per Adult. If you are down this way, I'd highly recomend a visit.

"Watt" no pic's Gwiz....sounds like a good day out ...often find the un-planned ones often turn out for the better....

No pics, sorry.
It was that unplanned we were coming back from an Antique/ junk shop and just continued onto compton, so no camera.

They do have a website though...

Cheers, very interesting  

Looks good gwiz. I've always loved Arts and Crafts style.

A fab place. We went a few years ago. I understand it has been refurbished recently?? Did you love the mauseoleum as well? Loved all the art works and the fantastic sculpture. The little tearoom next door was good too!!

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