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Water meters - who's got one?

As a single occupant of a property within a fairly high rating band, I'm probably paying over the odds for water because I haven't got a meter.
If I hadn't got the horse I'd have one like a shot, but I'm not sure how much extra water is being used, having the mare and the 2 foster ponies.

The owner of the 2 ponies makes a lot of use of the water - always washing tails, and watering the ground in the summer because she doesn't like the dust (!).

I could make an extra charge to her for use of the water, put more water butts under the rainwater pipes or get a pump to take water from the stream which borders my land (would that be cost effective though?)

Has anyone with livestock on here switched?
What would you do?  

I used to work for Severn Trent Water...

In the OOH (Out Of Hours) dealing with bursts, complaints etc.
Few of my friends worked in the billing dept, major staff turn over in that department tbh, the stress got to them.

We see all this stuff on the telly about invesitigateions nd that going on into the way of billing. I can tell everyone right now it is a money makein racket and seriously the water authorities really dont care (I worked for the for 3 years).
I used to have many a complaint regards water meters being fitted and actually not working!, some people had bigger water bill's than the previously rated bill, due to the equipment faliure.

And they got NO compensation!

I'd aire caution in getting a meter fitted TBH.
mrs tiggywinkle

We moved into a house with a water meter 16 months ago. I must admitt I was dreading the bill but the first 6 month bill was 74 quid (still cant find pound sign!!). Even with son no. 2 living back home the next 6 months only went up by 10 quid. We were paying about 32 qu. a month so ours is alot cheaper

still cant find pound sign!!).

Top row, Shift 3.
mrs tiggywinkle

Thanks for that Bazzer. But this is what comes up when I press that #  ? on no2 I get @ so I think its all gone wrong!!!!!! any way its quite exciting pressing keys to see what happens. :-)

when i lived on the Isle of Wight, every one had a meter. didn't really bother us, except that we used to be very aware of how much water we were using and wasting !!
water was always recycled, used a bowl for washing up insead of straight in the sink, then the water was put on the flowers and veg. rain water was used for washing hair. we had showers instead of baths, but on the odd occasion we did have a bath, we always shared it ( well me and the OH ) even the dogs drank rainwater....

it is amazing how much you waste without thinking, a meter makes you think......

Have you set your keyboard to UK English?

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