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Waste not, want not?

I just assumed that everyone one does this sort of thing these days but apparently not.

and this is news?

We've started to fill a thermos with hot water in the shop in the morning - as much to save time as anything else. I do it at home now - 1 kettleful lasts all day for drinks.

Hmmm, I spy a business opportunity:
Common sense for hire, 15p/h, daily rates available.

Whaddaya think?

Buggger washing up by hand. As there is only two of us, our dishwasher is only turned on 2-3 times a week anyway.

As I'm a large fella, it takes me 7 1/2 mins to take a shower, and I have no intention of cutting it down in time, as a good shower is quality time.

Stinker !

We purchased a one cup kettle a few years back. Fill it up as normal and it delivers one mug full at a time and only boils enough water per mug full.
Problem....don't use a small mug and certainly not a cup...  
Otherwise it has suited us for the past 4-5 years  

Don't have an electric kettle just one on wood burner or log burner and micowave, all hot water from same and no water meters. so no help for us there

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