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anybody had any wasps yet? iv had a couple of calls that were actually bee's when I got there, managed to save em both though without spraying em.

ants everywhere at the moment.

Yup, I started swatting the damned things about a month ago!  

Saw a few earlier this year when we had the warm spell, but nothing lately.

I check around the roof line of our house about twice a week. We normally have about 3 nests a year as tile hung house with lath and plaster walls up stairs. Rather disconcerting lying in bed listening to the little buggers moving and munching....

So sign of them.  Touch wood!

Yes they are around here though i havnt seen any for the last week or so as they would need wetsuits! Ive squished at least a dozen since February. Love Lizzie

Too cold here for them ATM, only big wasps that I think are probably queens looking for a nesting site.
We don't usually have too much of a problem with wasps, but last year we had millions of them.

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