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Been treating a few wasp nests lately

A small nest in a holly tree

A nest 5 times the size , both treated the same day. Bottom 1 was in a shed.

Touch wood, as a none pesty there aren't many showing here yet but here's hoping that you get loads of calls.

Cheers Bodger  i hope so too     but not with this rain we have had today and forecast the next week  

nice looking sized nest there my old basil............

did you don PPE perchance'....? lol

One Was attired in PPE   Dave, One was  

I still marvel at these structure's. Pity the contents can be a bit of a pain. The last one I found was in a hollow in a Large Ash tree I was climbing. Unfortunately it was below me and the chainsaw woke them when it started. A quick exit was called for!


matt the rat

Done a good few here:

(Click on pic)

But could do with some more!

So that's what you mean by wasps.  We call these hornets.  Our wasps don't enclose their hive and are open to the air.

Our wasps look the same but live underground or sometimes in trees/buildings

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