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Wasp trap bait

This year I have a pretty good crop of apples in the orchards but unfortunately the wasps have found them and we've suddenly become wasp central. Rather forlornly I've taken to making home made wasp traps out of plastic coke bottles and hanging them in the trees. I'm baiting them with apple juice and while I'm catching wasps in the traps, I'm not taking enough of them off the streets. Has anyone got any top secret bait recommendations? I remember camping with my parents as kids and someone leaving the jam jar open and it being full to the brim with the little blighters the next morning.
I was also wondering what commercial apple growers did to keep the striped menace away?  

Orange ot pineapple juice, sweeter than te apple and alsk different, your whole oechard smells of apple juice so why would they bother lookimg at tye traps.
Mango juice mifht be good as well.
I would put a trap with each one in tue same tree and tuen see which one has the best catch rate after 24 hours.

Orange juice it is then.

I'm sure my son puts a splash of vinegar in the liquid too as this deters bees from becoming trapped.. I may have dreamt that and be totally wrong, I'll check with him

Yes  - he cuts the top off a coke bottle and inverts it, then tapes it together. adds either orange juice, or watered down jam, a splash of vinegar and also a dash of fairy liquid as this breaks the surface tension so the wasps sink.

Bees are not deterred by vinegar.............. we use about 5 ml of vinegar to 1kg of sugar feed for the Bees. The bees readily take up the feed, and the mild scent of the diluted vinegar deters varroa mites.

I use the cut in half and inverted pop bottle filled with water, sugar and yeast method for trapping mozzies: we have so much stored water for irrigation in our garden that the mozzies are a real problem some evenings.

We have pineapple, sugar and pinch of yeast mixed in our wasp trap bottles. I think the sickly sweet smell of the mix fermenting and the weak alcohol solution works very well because we have very few wasps in the garden even though we have a lot of fruit bushes and a plum tree.

Interestingly enough, the Bees are not attracted to the fermenting solutions but the wasps are.

That's interesting, especially re, the varroa mite. I'll pas it on.

We have allegedly got Asian Hornets in this area, and it just might be one of these buggers that stung me and put me in hospital a couple of weeks ago.............. I had to have an adrenalin injection: do you know how painful one of them is‽ Then an antihistamine injection, then 2 other injections and then a drip....... they stuck more sharp things into me than Eric Bristow's dart board.  

Anyway the local BKA are suggesting mixing red wine & brown sugar for use as a bait in bottle traps around hives for wasps this year with the hope that we can catch an Asian hornet or two and confirm their presence and take the necessary steps to eradicate them.

From what you say mate, you might be the only bait required.  I don't like the sound of those hornets one bit!


How is the Wasp trapping progressing?

I've just emptied and replenished the fermenting Orange & Pineapple juice baited trap close to the 3 Beehives in our garden..................... Loads of dead & dying Wasps and not a single Bee in it.

Nothing but Wasps in my Red Wine & Honey baited Hornet trap though  

My traps have a little roof over them which is made from the plastic obtained from another pop bottle......... it helps to keep the rain out.


For some strange reason, the wasps around here have disappeared. We've pressed apples for the last two weekends and that normally brings them out in their droves. Its a bit of a mystery really but I'm certainly not complaining.

I have not captured or even seen a single wasp since I cleaned and re-baited the traps last weekend. All the fermenting pineapple & orange juice seems to be attracting at the moment is Earwigs and Bluebottles, and the Red Wine and Honey has attracted nothing.

Keith seems to be faring better with his traps closer to the city centre with loads of wasps captured, but his traps are in more sheltered areas.

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