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Was I ever that energetic...?

Since Monday evening We yes We have entertained our youngest 7yr old Grandson....Taken him to school...ect...
He will still be here on Monday the 3rd...Inset day at school....
That will be a problem, as OH is at Work.....Bus it into town...Maybe a game of ten pin bowls....

Mom and Dad have a holiday all paid, too fly to New York and then onto Dubhi.....Paid for by my son's company.....All in ...heck I would jump though fire heaps for the same opportunity...

Go back to my 7yr old grandson,,,,he loves the garden,..."Your ever so slow
Grandad.,,whats next....can we play Chess.. Yes!..he Bally beat me....

....first time ever......

Monday sorted.....Sunday is my problem......What to do......can keep him happy in the garden for a few hours.....muddy boots ect nay problem...mucky hands....nay probs...shower will sort that.....

Need some answers sooooner....

Ideas for Sunday ......Please.......

So tonight when Granny brings him home from the picture
house..... (shows my age).we are going out for a meal ...locally...walking

So need some answers .....even sooner..................

PS ...he built the most wonderful Lego house For Nanny and Grumps...

Only wanted 120,000....for it....well it was 2 bed....    

Don't you juss love 'Em..........................................

You will be exhausted

I haven't got a clue how to entertain 7 year olds - it all seems so long ago

Board games sound a good bet

Help him to make breakfast in bed for Granny so he knows how to do it for Mother's Day.  Keep it simple, cup of tea, toast, butter and marmalade (or what ever the lady prefers) and show him how to wash up afterwards.  

Teach him how to make a 999 call and give his name and address.  Unplug the house phone while he practices dialling.

Plant some mustard and cress or sprouting seeds

Do some hard boiled eggs and show him how to put patterns/pictures on the shells with markers.  Then play inside bowls with the eggs, they roll all over the place.

Teach him some Knock, Knock jokes - his parents will never forgive you!

Let him teach you something that you can't do and he can - lots of uses for an intelligent seven year old. IKEA should give one out with every purchase of flat pack furniture.

I used to get some cardboard boxes and toilet rolls and pringles cans etc and make castles or ships with them.  I think kids love making things, it doesnt matter if it looks rubbish, because they made it and with a bit of adult help and direction its surprising what they can do

Or what about a cooking project - maybe flapjacks or those chocolate cornflake things, or some jam tarts.  They do the pasty and rolling and filling and you look after the cooking bit.

Sunday came and went so quickly, where did it go ?

After a good few hours in the garden, that is until the rains came.

Spent most of the day, racing Dinky cars around the lounge, with all sorts of obstacles in the way...
Jig-saw puzzles, more Lego, Ker Plunk and so many other old games....
In between, while Nanny was out, prepping the vegetables for Sunday lunch....
The day just flew buy, forgot a few ruff and tumble moments, well he is only seven and I now bare the bruises to prove it.....

Yes Kaz I was exhausted with a capital "K"  
     slept well though....

There was a time when a substantial number of kids would have enjoyed Gramps taking them out fishing and hunting but not these days. Having said that, its exactly what this Jack Hargreaves of a grandfather intends serving up to any of his future grandchildren  
Oops and there will be cricket of course. Admittedly I wasn't a grand dad at the time but I spent every summer bowling a tennis ball for hours on end to my youngest on the concrete path outside the kitchen door. That boys got a lot to thank me for, its how he learned to cook.  
brummie nick

Carnach wrote:

Teach him some Knock, Knock jokes - his parents will never forgive you!

That's better than buying him a set of drums, to take home.

welcome to my world, well Tom's 8.

i'm the taxi man:
to Karate Tuesday nights, some Sat for grading or squad training...brown belt now.
school choir practice also Tues, plus numerous performances
guitar practice, school hours phew
rugby Sunday mornings plus the occasional away matches
swimming Friday evenings
plus school athletics 8am starts on Friday before school
theres also the intermittent school rugby team training, currently on hold

he likes the odd wildfowling foray if it fits in with school
plus the summer conservation activities the club gets up to on the marsh
enjoys the odd session on the clays with his .410, will do more of that this summer
on the lighter nights gundog assistant and chief dummy chucker, mostly with me but also with the club on school holidays [late night plus coke and crisps with dad and the lads in the pub   dont tell mum]

future, reminders that i said he can have ferrets when he is 10 [already tapped my mate up for rabbiting permission, cheeky blighter]
fell walking with his rambling obsessed grandad and the local ramblers up the Lakes
i also said he can start beating this coming season 2014/15 too

then theres all the usual stuff bikes games etc etc.

i wonder where he gets all the energy   altho a greater mystery is where i lost mine!!!

Doing all that lot should keep him out of mischief good for him  

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