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warwick well will be soon!!

wife got me a jousting day with the knights of middle england for my birthday!!!! so will be heading up at some point soon not got dates yet but anyone been to the castle? and anything else to see when we are there as will be up for a weekend plus anyone know of a cheap b and b in the area?

I have been to Warwick castle several times. June last year being the most recent and it was expensive entry into the castle. Ironically, one of the Norwich bands that I am now involved with, Crumbs For Comfort were shooting a music video at Warwick castle when we were there, but neither Lois or I knew of them then.......... we didn't see them perform until 3 months later in September

There is a private garden open to the public on certain days of the week next to the castle and the river................ this is definitely worth a visit and they ask for a voluntary donation for entry.

As for cheap B&B's in Warwick..... there aren't any.

Lois and I had a mini 8 day long tour last year and we booked premier inn, holiday inn and travel lodge. This we did online about 3 weeks in advance and using our nectar points the most we paid for a double room with breakfast was 8.00 for a night................. 4.00 each

budgie hope we can see some photos sounds great  
colour it green

sounds good  

eh I've been to Warwick a fair bit going to folk festivals - so if you want to avoid a load of folkies... miss that weekend     Never made it into the castle - always got as far as the price and decided against it.

Now there was a poultry breeder in that area....If I just give you my order you can come home with a car full of  

colour it green wrote:

Now there was a poultry breeder in that area....If I just give you my order you can come home with a car full of

dont tell me that!!! ah well best i get my bags packed as i'll end up single!!!! every time we've been anywhere in the last 2 years i've found a poultry breeder near by! went to a wedding in sussex last year and did a 50 mile route change just to pop and look at hens and came away with 4!!

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