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i have just bought an International 574 tractor and i'm on the lookout for a reasoably priced (meaning cheap) front end loader for it , if anyone knows of one not to far from the Lleyn i would be very grateful  

Good Luck in finding one    Me thinks it wont be easy

help in widening search someone said

Hi, IH models 1850 and 2250 models fit the 574.
The 2250 may have several different mounting brackets.
Most IH loaders had several different sets of brackets available to fit different series of tractors... The problem you're going to have is finding a loader with the correct set of brackets for your tractor.

Watch for loader tractors for sale, particularly ones in the 64/74/84/85/95 series. Try to buy the loader off the tractor. IMHO that's your best bet.
hope this helps

Thanks, i noticed on ebay the different brackets but i could  probably cut and weld them to fit  

How did you get on.....

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