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I'm looking to hatch a LOT this year-playing catch up! Would rather collect eggs-mainly since the p&p prices have gone so high!! Does anyone in East Yorks, or West Yorks this side of Leeds, southern parts of North Yorks -well you get the idea!!-have large fowl eggs to hatch? Looking particularly for Light Sussex, Welsummer, Vorwerk, Indian Game, Rhodies, Orpington (Buff or other), Speckled Sussex, Leghorn, other pure white layers, not too fussy really but want large fowl!! However would also like to pop some silkies in for the kids!! So if you are in this area and have some to sell-pls let me know!!

There is 'bird rescue' farm near Stockton on the forest may be able to help. Or Thompsons at Murton have a large For Sale / Wanted board.
I will have a look next time I that way.

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