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Wanted, air pistol for plinking.

My youngest son is eleven this month and has maintained his desire for an air pistol for plinking in the garden.
Now we have had a run of luck recently which has required us to move into suburbia, lost us our shooting permission ('keeper retired) and made re-joining gun club pointless due to distance and my ill health. So I reckon this is a reasonable request due to loss of use of air rifles and shotguns.
Therefore does anyone have an air pistol they would not parting with so this young man can keep his eye in?
We live in York and don't mind travelling to collect.
Thank you all ever so much.

Hi Phil,
Sorry, I don't have any air pistols but if you're not aware of them already, I'd keep an eye on these sites:

Good luck  


hi bud try these.

always airweapons for sale depending on your budget.

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