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Wales leading the way with proposed levy on Plastic Shopping


Surely there shouldn't only be a push on charging for plastic bags but also on making people aware of the alternatives that are available.

If someone has just forked out a hundred pounds or more  on a family shop, I can't see that a few extra pence is going to make them rethink their habit of reaching for the plastic bags at the check out.
Have you stopped using the freebies yet ? I've certainly noticed that in the last few months more and more of my customers are refusing the bags that I offer with their purchases.

Re: Wales leading the way with proposed levy on Plastic Shop

bodger wrote:

Surely there shouldn't only be a push on charging for plastic bags but also on making people aware of the alternatives that are available.

Go into most supermarkets now and the plastic bags are hidden under the counter to be doled out one at a time by the assistant. Every supermarket has a bold display of their own branded bags that they encourage you to buy at anything from 5p to 1.50 each

You are also discouraged from using their plastic bags because they are usually so flimsy that your shopping doesn't even get to the car without them splitting never mind the chance of re-using the bags more than once.

It's certainly a step in the right direction, I wish they would do the same in England. It won't discourage everybody from using plastic carrier bags but it will have some effect. Lidl charge for carrier bags and you see a lot fewer people getting them.

We have about 6/7 of the store purchased Bags for Life/Green whatever and seldom need plastic bags.
The local "Corner Shop" even puts a newspaper into a carrier bag so what hope really.
Supermarkets are just jumping on the Green Bandwagon. If they were that concerned then surely they would start tackling all the excess product packaging they generate!
Going back to bags though. What's new?
All those shopping when I was younger had their own shopping bags and baskets and packaging was brown paper bags or grease proof paper and even that was reused for packed lunches and not just once either. Fold it up a take it home to use again.

thing is they're not bringing out alternatives.. I remember sainsbury's had boxes you could put into a trolley.. charge up a handheld thing to pay for your shopping and the check it in.. pay, and load the boxes straight to your car.. it wasn't 'pushed' very well at our old sainsburys...

I'm not MILES (too many) from sainsburys but none of our other supermarkets (asda, morrisons or tesco - not that i shop in tesco or asda) have this option.. it's bags or nothing.. I re-use but as said they are so flimsy they're not fit for it, and the reusables are the wrong shape to be used well.. I paid for some in Morrisons and one split on the first use...  :xroll: how is this better?

I recycle and am concious of what packaging I buy on foods etc, use eco friendly products as much as poss (including make-up, personal products etc) grow my own, have my own eggs but honestly, I don't think the shops really give a S*** I just think they're playing lip service as usual.

Meant to add that also was disgusted by the amount of 'apologies' on morrisons packaging for it NOT being recyclable materials!! honestly.. I have a load of yoghurt pots that i'll use as pots for seeds this season as they're not fit for recycling.. didn't realise when I bought them.. but don't buy the products anymore.

i nealy always use cardboard boxes    they've always got them at the checkouts.
They bring the shopping home, then the dogs more often than not sleep in them if they are left in the kitchen, then burnable rubbish is put in them, then they go out for starting fires.

We use Ikea blue bags when we remember to take them. They are large but very strong. Our current ones must be 7 years old.


Bazzer wrote:

Supermarkets are just jumping on the Green Bandwagon. If they were that concerned then surely they would start tackling all the excess product packaging they generate!

Been involved in a consultation group - older folk and the environment - and the topic of food packaging came up. Apparently it gives the food a longer shelf life and prevents wastage as stuff can be left on shelf longer. There are facts and figures to support this as well.

All I can say to that is, well we have to take some of the blame. We haven't supported the smaller independent retailers who use less packaging so we are not left with the bigger supermarkets who use plenty.

There are facts and figures to support this as well.

Ah well it must be OK then.

I haven't used placcy bags for years in any shop.  Used to get funny looks refusing bags especially in clothes shops etc but now its acceptable and often I'm thanked for not taking a bag.  So things are changing a bit.  But still drives me crackers when I see people leaving supermarkets with trolleys full of bags-and most of the bags aren't full. People with a pack of loo roll in one bag, a couple of cereal boxes in one bag-crazy!  Its not hard to keep a stash of bags in your car or handbag or even pocket-and the string bags that are making a come back are fab-almost tardis like! Ban the bag!!

We use a rucksack and ikea bags when we rember to pick them up   you sorta get growled at by all the shop assistants on the till's if you dare ask for a carrier bag now  
any carrier bags we get we take them to the second handshops in the area who are all really glad of them.
Grandma Bodger

I went into primark today and noticed that they were using large brown paper bags for any clothes bought. not a plastic one in sight

they really good those primark paper bags when it rains. A workmate lost all her new clothes out the bottom of one the other week,like jen told you alll our carrier bags go into the local charity shops and the seem quite grateful for them

I'm getting good at remembering to take my strong jute bags into the supermarket and I carry a small version rolled up in my coat pocket that has saved me from having a carrier bag in many a situation

......but then we find that we run out of plastic carrier bags at home for all the recycled uses we put them to

can't travel to ikea for a bag or two, but have been a lot better about our bags recently
Will aim to sort more reusable 'pretty' bags out We have one for the beach - for our shoes from claires that packs away into a tiny pocket for your key-ring very handy!   came in funky colours too for only a few .

we splased out on the coop cotton bag yesterday but i bet you it will be hiding with the ikea bags next time we need it       they even supply a little bag to keep the big bag in what they need to supply is a sticker to go inside your front door to remind you to take it with you
Betcha some one nicks this idea and makes a fortune  

to avoid forgetting my bags I keep them in the car. problem is usually I get to the check out with a trolley full of stuff and remember that my bags are neatly in the boot.  

  mine have got a wicked hiding place

right by the fridge were you cant miss them  

OK someone moves them when i need them!! thats my excuse anyway!!
but on theodd occasion they do get to the van  
and i end up doin a bimbler!!  

I've now started hanging the bags on the front door handle so not to forget to take them with us... in theory its going to work but I bet we forget and leave them in the car when we go shopping Mmmm think my best bet would to hang them around my neck instead    

Keep our bags in the front lobby.
The Porsche is in the garage.

Mmmm a true test to my idea of hanging the shopping bag on the front door so we wouldnt forget it

Rich took it off the handle before we went out "we dont want to forget this" he said (grinning) and put it on the sofa.... yup we forgot the darn thing AGAIN!!!

Im not even going to attempt my second idea of hanging it round my neck as I have just realised its printed with "A BAG FOR LIFE" in big letters wich i'm sure Rich would find highly amuzing...

and so would the rest of the swansea populace        
green man

I always pop mine in the car boot do my shop then load it all into the bags when I get to the car with the shopping trolley. funnily enough we have more bottle carriers than ordinary shopping bags. this is my favourite bag at the moment-I got it last year at the Malvern spring show I go every year looking forward to it if it stays fine. DOGS ARE GOOD.


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