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Our geese have been fighting a losing battle trying to keep the grass in the far field under control, so this afternoon I got a local farmer to drop eight young bullocks off with us for a couple of weeks. It's been quite a while since we last had cattle on our place.


Jealous - would love cattle ( and enough land for them )
Dave C

Nice mate, is a side of beef coming your way ?

Lawnmowers and muck spreaders

Here's hoping that they're still where they're supposed to be when I check on them later this morning.
Rick & Carol

nice looking gang there, young animals are always fun to watch

They're yet to find the water that we put down for them yesterday.
Yorkshire Geordie

Calves are probably like horses.  
You can lead them to water BUT you can't make them drink it.  
They certainly look "neat"  

They look a bit scrawny to me. They're probably off beef bulls bred to Holsteins.

To me too sure looks a hereford cross or three there. Tail end cows and heifers to beef bulls maybe. thats what we used to do. they are looking good

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