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Visitor to the croft

A young stag visiting the croft on Tuesday - photo taken from our house.

Not a bad view Carnach.


spot on

Do you get many deer on your place?

Are they all red deer?

Great photo  

Nice!! We had a stag with two does at our place last year. Sure is something to look out a window and see!

We have red and roe deer in the area - don't see them that often but we see tracks.  It's more usual to look out and see otters and seals in the loch. A sea eagle is nesting a couple of miles away on the lochside and there is a golden eyrie - very long established - about 5 miles away inland.

That's pretty cool! Our wildlife is usually on the run....either after prey or from preditor. Had a Bald Eagle in a tree about 15' from me earlier this year....and just the other day a Red Tail hawk flew my direction an ended up within about 5' of myself an about 7' from my free range flock! I still think it is so amazing to see wildlife up close and personal! (.... As long as they leave my critters alone!   )

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