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Visit to Colorado (heavy pictures and some rambling)

Recently went to Colorado to visit one of my boys.  Being a flatlnader I found the scenery really nice and thought I'd share some pictures.

At home, it was in the 90's when I snapped this shot at 14,000 feet elevation and a crispy 32 F and me with short sleeves on.

This is at the Garden of the Gods

View from the top of Pikes Peak.  It was a very interesting trip to the top of this mountain.  I found it amazing that we can put a man in space but we can't spring for some guard rails.

Another view

Another picture from lower elevation.  I got tickled near here cause I found a few Christmas ornaments in one tree.  Somebody really had the spirit.

This is about halfway up.  We met some guys who were snowboarding here.  If you look close you can see where the trees were torn down by  an avalanche.

This is some sculputures at the air force academy.

Cemetary where a friend is resting on the Academy's grounds.  This Monday is our Memorial Day so my visit worked out well and I was able to place some flowers on the grave.

Another view of Garden of Gods.  If you look close there are some spider people on the rocks.

Two of my children, Teal and Caleb

And of course I had to check out the cows.


Great share.

I forgot about this picture.  I was surprised when I looked up and saw this.  Don't know who what why but it was nice to see one of these birds flying.


What fantastic scenery.

What game would there be up in those mountains.

Wow, fantastic  


What fantastic scenery - how many miles did you have to travel from home to get there?
Thanks for sharing

Fabulous real meaning to the song.....Colorado Rocky Mountain High!!

You have great looking kids  

Kaz, I'm about 1200 miles from Colorado.  Always wanted to see the Rockies but never dreamed I'd be able to.  

Border, I saw mule deer, chipmunks, lots of rabbits,  coyote, antelope and prairie dogs.  All the trash cans were bear proofed and they had warning signs as well.  Also saw a sign saying Big Foot crossing.  According to the information I read this particular wildlife crossing had so many sightings of Big Foot that they put up the sign. (I'm sure it was partly in jest but who knows)

I thought Big foot worked in the Chippy in Blackburn,,,,, or was that the singer chappie  
(BB a Chippy translates into a fast food outlet that serves Fish and Fries)



I can only imagine what this fella must look like.  Once knew a girl named Tick.  Lately we've been having some sightings of the alledged skunk ape.  It made our local paper but what doesn't.

Here is some info on the skunk ape.

Brings back happy memories Butterbean,

I was up Pikes Peak and in the Garden of the Gods 12 years ago, went to a wedding in Colorado Springs at the oldest church in the state, 1874 that's 20 years younger than my house   It was February so just like your pics.

Cheers, Paul

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