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chicken feed

vintage tractor show

anyone going to the vintage tractor show at newark this weekend 10th & 11th ? there is also a selection of rare breed animals and country skills ............oh not forgetting the pig agility too  

if anyones going please pop in and say hello look out for the lops  

I presume that by the lops, you mean the pigs?

I hope you don,t forget the camera
chicken feed

yes pigs  

the camera will be going along just hope i find time to use it.

i was talking to the organiser today we will be having a commentator for 1 man and his pig    it jsut gets better by the day so not only will i be making a total fool of myself i will have some guy giving a running commentry at the same time, i have had a team talk with zack (the boar) tonight and he promises to be on best behaviour for the weekend  

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