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valentines day dinner

meant to be cooking something special for tonight but the larder is somewhat bare and I am lacking inspiration.

whats everyone else cooking?

Forgot all about valentine's day, until the missus came in with 20 red roses and a blodoy great bar of milk chocolate.  

So I'm doing a hot hot chicken curry with all the trimmings, not very romantic, but the best I could do at short notice.

Might need a glass or two of red just to take the top off the curry.

Later, a good film and a bag of popcorn then who knows.

Re: valentines day dinner

debbie wrote:
meant to be cooking something special for tonight but the larder is somewhat bare and I am lacking inspiration.

whats everyone else cooking?

Assuming you may have some pork...

Tenderloin is best but your pork is nice and tender anyway

Cut pork into cubes and roll in flour with a little pepper
Soften some chpped onions in butter, and maybe a little garlic if you BOTH like it.  Make sure the cooking is gentle and they "sweat" rather than fry and brown
Remove the onions, and set aside
Add a little more butter and a splash of oil back to the pan
Seal the meat
Add back the onions
If you have some maderia this is best, sweet sherry is fine, or amontillado, masals or sweet vermouth at a push basically any fortified sweetish wine - sweet cider with brandy might work if not.  Whatever you have add a good wineglass or two.  
Cook very gently for 30 or so mins. Add some good stock at any point if you feel it is looking too dry
If it is done and you aren't ready simply take off the heat and reheat when you are good to go
For the last 10 mins add some sliced or quartered mushrooms if you have them and some cream if poss, or if not a bit more butter and up the heat to make the sauce a nice consistency

A nice chocolate sauce to go on anything is a little butter, some cocoa, golden syrup or honey for preference, just heat it all together, and add some cream at the end if you have it.  Its fine without also

The pour over something like icecream or fresh fruit

Not a clue what we're having, but my OH has defrosted some chicken breasts and done an inventory of the larder, and will be cooking something yummy while I laze in the bath.  

We had: Rare Venison Steaks, Snap Peas, Asparagus tops, Julienned Carrots, Maris Piper thick chips, and a Mushroom & Port dew. For dessert we had Apple & Walnut Crumble with cream, washed down with a cheap but nice Rose wine, we are now doing the stilton, cheddar and red Leicester with crackers bit.  

Lamb rump,spring greens,mash,carrots and green beans and a nice Rioja. Shared with our daughter (not the wine!) but tasty all the same!
Love Lizzie

Ps Gaerth  what is a  mushroom and port dew????? - Mmmm I do like rare venison though.... was it road kill? Loads at the moment on the Forest. Love Lizzie

Didn't bovver got over that ye......ars ago   every day the same good

lizzie44 wrote:
Ps Gaerth  what is a  mushroom and port dew????? - Mmmm I do like rare venison though.... was it road kill? Loads at the moment on the Forest. Love Lizzie

A dew is an un-thickened or heat reduced gravy which is a little on the thin side. Sweat down the mushrooms in a little port in a sauté pan with the lid on (the larger the pan diameter the better, so that the dew is shallow on the heat) add a little juice from the meat, stir and reduce to slightly thicken for about a minute to a minute and half.

Alas, not road kill venison this time (I have an extremely funny story about that from about 6 years ago!), but purchased from Aldi around the corner.

We had Salmon Souffle, Pork Chops cooked with herbs and served with Leeks, and a Baked Vanilla Cheesecake to finish.

We also have two birthdays just before  so they are more important  

thanks Sue - that a lovely recipe - I do something similar with the addition of some paprika its one of simons favourites.  Unfortunately though, pork is in short supply until Tomorrow when I butcher a pig!

sounds like most of us were trying yesterday - we make a point of never going out valentines as its over crowded and over priced but this is the first time I have been so unprepared.

In the end I roasted up the aubergine I had bought reduced in the super market and made a babaganouche (absolutely no idea how you spell that); used a tin of chick peas and made some humus and used an over ripe avacado that was on its last legs to make a guacamole (can't spell that either!) to make a meze style starter served with toasted pitta bread.

Used the last two salmon fillets from the freezer which I wrapped in our home made pancetta which I dry fried to crispen up the bacon and finished in the oven along with some cherry tomatoes that I roasted and served with some puy lentils dressed with wilted spinach, fresh basil, olive oil and lemon juice.

For pudding I ended up making a quick chocolate tart but with a digestive biscuit base ala cheese cake.

Went down well and took about an hour start to finish

Sounds wonderful Debbie  

Mmmmm Debbie that sounds delicious. Nom nom. Love Lizzie

We did not do anything last night as we were supposed to be training...

Tonight however I am cooking duck, with roast spuds and veg.
And having a go at making cheesecake for desert (glad we have some ice cream if it all goes wrong)  

sounds good escape - LOVE roast duck.

What sort of cheese cake?  baked or set?  I find the set ones easy but never had the courage to try a baked one


OK just checked and it looks like a set one (as I cannot see any mention of baking in the oven)  
colour it green

we - as it was going to be my son here as well as us so romance was replaced with fun - had a red themed meal. everything red or pink without the use of food colouring

we had prawns with pepperdew chillis and tomato to start..

made fresh beetroot pasta - and oh yes that was red! - and had that with a tomato chili sauce, and had raspberry upside down cake

Didnt do anything special as Hubby and I are recoveing from a dose of food poisoning, me worse than him. Kids and hubby had bacon and ham pasta while i had the most miniscule amount and a glass of water!


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