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Using Peat

How many of you use peat or have used peat compost?

OH always used peat when making up his john innes mix because alternative products have not been successful but been told by wholesale supplier that when the present batch has gone that wil be it,no more and the cost of this years peat has risen very sharply from last year

Couple of months back...looking for a Christmas tree..noticed at our local GC..
selling off bags...60lt bags...paid 12 for 6 bags...  bargain..
been out since...loads of bullrush mixes..ect but no real peat...
seems to be loads of compost mixes about....bark and already mentioned bullrush....but ain't seen any peat of late....

Dread to think what it may cost in the future...........

Last year ran out of compost mix, so picked up a bag of bark compost... all I could get at the time...waste of money, all seeds sown, were spindly dumped....not wasted...dumped over asparagus bed....

I await the soil experts advice.....cos I'm gonna have to look after the few bags I've got.....

We always choose peat-free compost - have done for years now. To be honest hasn't made any difference to any of the plants  

I have always preferred coir - even before doing the organics course.  Mixed with sterilised loam and silver sand it makes a good seed mix.  Also, doesn't stain your hands and nails like peat based mixes.  Coir bricks are great for getting young children interested - they can get messy rehydrating the bricks, but the dirt just brushes off when dry

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