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Use Your Loaf - Cheese Pudding

I was planning to post this on my Blog anyway, then read Bodgers post about how much Bread goes to waste  

This recipe is great for using up that odd-shaped bit of stale bread, you know the piece left because someone can't cut a loaf straight?
Or those curling slices of sliced bread that are too wonky to go in the toaster.

If you have some odd bits of cheese leftovers, so much the better.
And while your at it, what else do you have lurking in the fridge that could go in too?

The recipe calls for fresh breadcrumbs. This just mean fresh as opposed to dried on purpose. Stale bread is ideal because it gets soaked in milk.

The Basic Recipe is very simple, but is open to endless variations.

Heat 1 pint of Milk - don't boil it, but bring it up almost to boiling point.
Pour this onto 4oz Breadcrumbs and leave to soak until the milk has cooled.
Add 4oz Grated Cheese, 2 Beaten Eggs, Salt & Pepper to taste and stir it all up.
Pour into a greased Pie Dish and Bake at 350F / 180C / Gas Mark 4 for about 40 mins until it is set and browned.

Mine is usually browned off more, but someone was hungry and impatient...

The one I made last night was pretty much the Basic Recipe made with Cheddar, although I did infuse the milk with a Bay Leaf, which I left in with the breadcrumbs until it had cooled. I also added some Nutmeg.

In the past I have added cooked, diced Bacon and diced Tomatoes. I have infused the milk with Bay, Onions and Cloves. I have used different Cheeses, including a mixed bag of leftover Cheeses all grated up together.
You could add chopped Ham, or maybe even Tuna?

The Pudding is nice hot or cold. This one we had warm with a kind of Coleslaw affair, just simply dressed with Salt and freshly ground Pepper. It didn't need the normal Mayonaisse Dresing.
A crisp, green salad is good with it too. I normally add sliced Onions or Spring Onions and sometimes some sliced Radish.

Click to see full size image

We'll have some of that.

I love cheese pudding!  And use the same recipe.  Om nom nom nom!  

It's almost the same as the Mrs Beeton recipe I use, except she adds 1 teasp. mustard powder.
I can gurantee it's good  

Oh yes this is one to add to the 'will do this week list'   my moth is watering already  

To be tried  

Sounds fab!  

My mouths watering, will try this  

Oh this is so useful, I buy about 50 loaves of bread a week at work and do my best to collect in the ends of loaves before they throw them away and normally make bread pudding, breadcrumbs and add them to steamed sponge to give a lighter texture but this will be added to the next menu cycle. Free food after all.

I've had mixed repsonses on my Blog. Some have never heard of it, others have been making it for years. One Lady thought it was her family secret recipe  
One lady adds Mustard Powder, like Seabird says.

The recipe I use came to me from my Nan, via Mum

Sounds brilliant......... will definitely try it!  

Tried it, liked it, added it to the file of recipes to do again  

kat_lewis wrote:
Tried it, liked it, added it to the file of recipes to do again  

Good to hear!

If anyone does visit my Blog, there's an interesting comment from 'Hippo' who is in Angola with some ideas for using stale bread.
When i have more time, I'll copy it into here.

The bread and eggs are easy enough to find in our household but............spare cheese? I shall definitely have a go of this one.

Here's the comment from Hippo - he has two blogs but his foodie one is:

This is a really good recipe for me here where bread has to be bought in bulk and by the end of the week we are feeding it to the goose.

I do something very similar but use the mixture to swamp broccoli and diced bacon, sprinkling more bread crumbs and crumbled cheese over the top to give a bit of a crust. And I agree with Sheffy, a bit of mustard gives it that really nice warm taste. Sometimes, I thinly slice tomatoes and place slices at regular intervals over the top before sprinkling on the crumbs and cheese. Makes it look prettier and is good for portion management.

I also make a lot of bread pudding which is a big hit and I do deep fried chicken legs coated first with a light batter and then rolled in seasoned bread crumbs but half roast the chicken first so it is nearly cooked through as it really does not want to spend too much time in the oil.

I also take stale bread that can still be sliced (our bread here is like baquettes) slice them thinly and start them toasting in the oven, take them out, a drip of olive oil, place thin tomato slices on them, a bit of Italian herb seasoning, a thin slice of cheese and then finish them off in the oven. Minutes to make and a real sit in front of the telly snack for everyone. I call them mini pizzas so the kids eat them.

The most popular use of stale bread in my house is to crumb it up real fine, then in a dry heavy based frying pan, stir it around to toast it ever so slightly then add cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar, stir it up and quickly add a knob of butter to moisten and then take off the heat.
Take a tin of condensed milk and boil it in water (unopened or peirced, for about two to three hours to caramelise the milk. Don't let the can boil dry, they go off like bombs and the re-decorating bill for the kitchen will be eye watering.
Whip up some cream and then layer crumbs, caramel and cream into ramekins. It is pretty damn sweet so the kids love it. You can always add a bit of fruit. I think it goes great with fresh mangos

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