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Update...Wedding and Pembrokeshire Honeymoon

I haven't been around much for the past few months...been busy getting married and renovating our house.  The house still isn't fit for public viewing!

We got married in our village church at the end of April.  We were blessed with good weather and most of our family and friends being able to share our day.  We had quite a big wedding but it was very informal and home-made - no seating plan, and very few "suppliers".  The wedding photos are from our amazing photographer, the Pembrokeshire ones are mine or husbeast's.

My amazing Mum made my wedding dress...

My Godfather drove Dad and I to the church in my Dad's car.  Dad went a bit crazy when I asked him to tie some ribbon to the front of it...

I knit my shawl, my mum, aunt, mum in law and sister in law and I did the flowers...

We had a few silly photos taken after the ceremony, on the way to our reception.  

We took over a local riverside pub, and had a marquee in the garden.  We decorated it with bunting (some made from home-dyed bedsheets!) and jamjars with candles and locally grown flowers (not grown by us I hasten to add!)

We had various chalkboards around the place, one reading "there is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea", and this one, which is a ditty my bridesmaid wrote for us when we got engaged...

I made the cake, my husband made the cake stand (tea was a bit of recurrent theme)

At the end of the evening our photographer, who is a professional photographer but also a friend, got a bit merry ("off duty" at this point) and produced some sparklers...

Marquee at night

The following day we packed the spaniel into the car and drove off to the Pembrokeshire coast for a mini-honeymoon.  We were lucky with the weather again and had a brilliant week.  It's such a gorgeous stretch of coastline, we walked and paddled and ate far too many Welshcakes!  

Ben looking relatively sensible for once

The nearest beach was near an amazing place called the Blue Lagoon

A few years ago the Red Bull Cliff Diving was there, and it's a popular site for coasteering, where people do things like this...

Breakfast on the patio, making use of one of our wedding presents

Watching the ferry head out of Fishguard (think some of my Irish family were on board, heading home)

We saw plenty of wildlife... This one was from the cliffs but on our last day we went out a jetboat round Ramsey Island (with the dog, who wasn't very impressed!) and saw hundreds of seals.  

Illegally parked spaniel...

Yikes, sorry for the novel!
Rare one

Many Congratulations to you both,    and I love the views .
Grandma Bodger

congratulation to you both and thank you for the photos, what a lovely wedding  

Lovely photos, lovely bride, lovely family. and I bet you had a lovely day

Congratulations and good luck in your new life

Thank you for letting us see it and so enjoy too   We were going to have sons same kind of wedding here but never happened looks like a great time

Congratulatoins and thanks for sharing

The pictures are so beautiful!!!  Congratulations!!! So happy for you!!

Looks like a wonderful day congratulations to both of you  

Thanks for sharing and welcome back...

Looks like you had a wonderful day and the pictures are fabulous, thank you for letting us see your wedding day and part of your honeymoon

Thank you all.  We had a great day, with very little stress during the planning.  

Would  definitely recommend the area of Pembrokeshire between Fishguard and St Davids to anyone looking for an unspoilt stretch of coast.

Congratulations, and lovely pics!  

What a lovely wedding!

zboo wrote:
Would  definitely recommend the area of Pembrokeshire between Fishguard and St Davids to anyone looking for an unspoilt stretch of coast.

It is beautiful. My lovely neighbours used to visit a few times a year and have now up sticks and moved to St David's.  


Thanks for sharing your day and honeymoon photos with us - it all looked wonderful (and I love the knitted shawl - well done )

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