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Upcycle an old bucket, or in my case a 20 litre paint can.

Upcycle an old bucket, or in my case a 20 litre paint can.

I wanted a new waste bin in the workshop, and unusually for me I had some time on my hands.

I have used a recently emptied 20 litre paint can, but in the dim & distant past I have used this technique to spruce up old plastic buckets and bulk 10, 15, 20 & 25 litre food containers.

You will need a bucket or a container, a roll of masking tape: I have used 2"/50mm wide (but I have used 25mm and 40mm in the past), A trimming knife, paint brush and some exterior wood stain. I used a water based exterior gloss mahogany wood stain.

Affix the tape to the bucket/can/container in vertical strips. Just slightly overlap each strip of tape.... this will ensure full coverage and will give a wooden planked/panelled effect.  

When the bucket/can/container is completely covered with masking tape, trim off any excess with the trimming knife. Take the paint brush and use bold long strokes to apply the wood stain, use you imagination a bit to create a wood grain effect. After the wood stain has dried leave it for a couple of more days for the Masking tape to harden..... it will then be near to impossible to remove and will with stand the rigors of British winter......about 15 years ago, my daughter and I used plastic buckets finished like this placed on the extension roof to grow new potatoes for the table right through until new year.

Grandma Bodger

Thanks Gareth I,l have a go at that  

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