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Up at 5am.... ride today before it gets too hot! Haven't been able to the last few days, s had to ride in the evening, but it's never pleasant with the flies and heat.

I took this pic at 06.33 so my phone tells me! Excuse poor quality, it's hard to keep your hand steady when plodding along!

More people out than I thought there would be, more horse riders, cyclists, joggers and dog walkers, all had a wave and a smile. There's obviously something in this getting up early lark!

I used to ride a couple of summers ago early like this, but then Tia went lame and I couldn't. Ruben didn't seem to care that I dragged him out of bed...hahahaha!

Lot's more early morning rides I think, at least 3 times a week I'll aim for these holidays.

Now waiting on the hash browns to finish cooking, will have them with eggs, then off for a shower and into school for the day to sort out my displays boards.

What a lovely start to the day - a ride and a cooked breakfast  

Home now from school, just had a late lunch, now going to crash in front of the TV with an ice-cream then snooze for a bit before tea and sorting the horses later when it's cooler.  

He even has ears just like my mare!! Best view in the world through a horses ears!! Love Lizzie

What a lovely way to start the day. And i agree with Lizzie, best view in the world, the view through a horses ears.


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