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Up and over plaice rig

As promised here's the rig we use on the south coast. The thinking behind the rig is that it enables you to fish a five foot long hook snood for a natural presentation whilst reducing the risk of tangles. The double hook, wishbone arrangement puts extra scent into the water but maximises casting distance by clipping both baits in behind the lead.

Here's what you'll need to build the rig.

60lb mono, 20lb mono, lead clip, trace swivel, rig swivels, breakaway impact shield, breakaway relay clip, beads, crimps and hooks of choice.

Tie a lead clip to a three foot length of 60lb mono. Thread on the impact shield, bead, two crimps, bead, rig swivel, bead, crimp and then an upside down relay clip. Tie the trace swivel to the top of the trace body. Crimp the bead tight to the top of the impact shield and trap and crimp the rig swivel about four inches up from the lead. Slide the relay clip up toward the top of the trace.

To make the wishbone section of the hook snood, tie a hook to one end of an eighteen inch length of 20lb mono. Slide on a bead, rig swivel, bead and tie another hook to the free end.

The next bit can be a bit fiddly and an extra pair of hands may come in handy. Tie a length on 20lb mono to the rig swivel on the main trace body. Run it up and over the relay clip and back down the trace. Place the hooks in the impact shield and tie the free end of mono snood to the rig swivel on the wishbone section. The relay clip can be pushed up the trace to tighten the finished hook snood and keep it in place on the cast.

The bait is protected on the cast and because the rig is streamlined it can be chucked a fair distance. As the hook snood is tied to the main trace quite near the lead the bait fishes hard on the bottom where you would expect to find flatfish. (sorry about picture quality)

Spot on. I'll try and get my head around this rig and have a go.

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