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unusual meats?

Not sure where to post so I thought I'd try here.
My maternal side of the family is of Romany Gypsy origin and after buying two guinea pigs for the kids yesterday and a large hutch/run ensemble ,I remembered my Nana or my mum telling me about somebody in the family farming guinea pigs, ( aparently this was common in east anglia )some for selling as pets and some for eating,,,,,,,,,,,sooooooooo, I was thinking,,, has anybody here eaten guinea pig? Would you? Do you?

I did a little reading and found that Peruvians eat a lot of them and they are in fact a much greener source of meat than things like beef.

I've skinned and eaten rabbit, squirrel, different birds ect and if our Sussex hen turns out to
Hen'ry' he'll be in the pot too 😉

So, I'm wondering if its worth getting a couple of sows so the kids can sell some , but so we always have a potential meat source If things get tight.

I love rabbit, both wild and domestic. Karen and I used to keep table rabbits, but I don't fancy guinea pigs, I don't think I could do it.

There's loads of wild meat out there, of which, wood pigeon is my flavourite.

My sister in law spent a year in Peru a while back and ate quite a few guinea pig meals. The ones the have there are a fair bit larger than the ones we generally have as pets over here.

I'd eat them, but how do you kill them they don't have much neck like a rabbit.

I would eat them, they grow very fast too and get quite a size, one would do two kids i reckon, maybe one each for an adult, but we are gluttons when it comes to meat..... I reckon they'd eat more hard feed than a rabbit though, and New Zealand Whites are so much easier to keep and grow bigger on less hard feed. Not sure how often they drop litters either, I think the gestation is quite long, and not so many kits compared to rabbits.
Baby guinea's do sell better though, and are much much cuter they pop out ready to roll, like little mini adults in every way
To be honest, I love having baby Guinea's, and would breed them to eat simply so I could have lots of babies at all times and not have to worry about adults... not sure that's the most ethical or moral reasoning though......  

Too cute.   I have enough trouble 'doing' the sussex cockerels.

No way. As you say, too cute, and quite intelligent. As kids, we trained ours to do tricks!

Dad always used to tell us about the guinea pig they had during the war. It used to start squeaking its head off minutes before the air raid siren, giving the family enough time to nab the best pitch in the air raid shelter. Spot on every time, so I assume they took GP with them - wouldn't do to leave your early warning system to the mercy of the German bombers!

When we were kids my dad used to say don,t pick them up by their tails or their eyes would fall out obviously we didn,t know they didn,t have tails

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