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Unravelling cuff on Gurnsey jumper

Hi All
After a bit of sewing advice, I've managed to snag the edge of cuff of my favourite Gurnsey jumper and it is starting to unravel, can anyone tell me how to fix it. The unravel is an inch or so long and goes a couple of threads deep at the moment.

I'll get the boss Dave.

Hi Dave - there are different ways to do this according to how it is unravelling.
If there is a 'ladder' of wool with the loops of the threads unravelling further and further down, you can 'knit' the loop back up the ladder using a fine crochet hook andthen catch them down with thread to secure them.

The simplest thing to do is to get a needle and thread (can be matching cotton or wool) and catch up the loops of the loose threads that you can see and sew them to the surrounding fabric so that they can't unravel any further.

Good luck.

Thanks Kaz,
Think the second way will work as it looks like maybe some of the loops have come open so horizontal threads are coming loose.

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