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unicorn wood splitter

Not the safest tool invented, but effective.

Agree   have used one here they go on tractor pto shaft but bit scarey when wood grabs n spins  

Effective, buy how often would it have to spin the log before spitting it into your face before you gave up an bought more conventional log splitter?

That looks like it could be a bit dangerous

The ones here have a plate underneath to HELP stop spin. We do "Not" use one ourselves   We take enough risks    

we have one of these cone type spliters,had it about five years ,it has split thousands of logs. it is on a bench  and is pto run.twice as fast as a conventional splitter ,and will split notty logs a lot easier than a conventional spliter, totally safe if used correctly.

this has always been my favourite. The large wheel has some sort of steel wedge welded onto the large wheel. I keep looking for the Emergency stop button but im sure its been left at the farm house in the kitchen draw.

   you would only make one misstake with it
Rick & Carol

oh my goodness, it sends my stomach lurching just watching it.

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