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Under seige

What is unusual about this picture of my aviary in the garden?

Look at the bottom right of the picture................

This sparrow  hawk has been flying by our bird feeders 5-6 times a day and taking a small bird from the feeders most times  

We've moved the feeders into a more sheltered area so the sparrow hawk is trying to take it out on my canaries instead............she is there whenever we go outside and we can get within a few paces of her before she flies away

The barsteward hasn't managed to get any of the canaries but I'm pretty sure that he's accounted for one of my two remaining pigeons this evening.

Rick & Carol

pretty barsteward mind

wow I'm surprised to see that canary sitting there, when I used to keep birds if I had a raptor come near the aviary all my birds would hide for hours and then were really skittish for a couple of days after.

I think they are teasing her

Ha Ha, they must feel very safe.  

Maybe she thinks it's a special sparrowhawk bird feeder?

Free food! #LoveHawks

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