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Unbend a choppingboard...

help! Some idiot - dont know who is guilty) let some water soak beneath my bread board. Its made of lots of small rectangles of wood .As a result its gone into a sort of C shape. Any ideas of how to straighten it? or is it destined for the woodburner?? Love Lizzie

might be log burner me thinks?  you could try keeping it moist and then weighting it until it goes flat then get it dry, however think the glue may unglue if wet for too long. is it badly bent? I was wondering if it would be possible to find someone with a quality band saw who could straighten it by cutting it, It would make it thinner, but if isnt too badly bent it may just rescue it for another year?

Lay it flat, put a stout board on top and apply weight......leave as long as nescessary.

The original glue used to bond the pieces should be an epoxy type.

Get Tim to steam the board for 20 minutes or so on each side over a big pot of boiling water. Then support the board at either end on two wooden block, and place a weight larger enough to straighten the board on top of it, then leave for 2-3 days to dry out properly.

Might be salvageable if it hasn't been too-soaked, or for too long. As Normesby says, a good bit of weight on it might do the job. Just make sure you give it a good spray with really hot water first? As Mel says, the danger is that the glued joints might come apart, but if it's a good quality one they might well be biscuited so you may just get away with it. It's going to be a bit of a gamble though  

Put it over a gentle heat source wet side down & then place a wet / damp cloth on the dry side.

Thanks guys! I shall let you know if it works. Love Lizzie

Justme!!!! You  are a genius!! Did what you said (seemed the easiest option) Put it on top of the woodburner overnight with a wet towel on top and Voila! one flat chopping has a small split but still useable, I'm very pleased. Love Lizzie

Your welcome.

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