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Ulpha Marsh

what do wildfowlers do in the spring?
build hen houses for mallard.

Tom loves this work party, i wonder why. ducks galore today to watch, lots of teal and wigeon mallard waders. sun shone too, but boy was it hot in that neoprene.

hopes for building on last years success with even more clutches hatching and further second broods, fingers crossed.

Looks very interesting   lovely pics as usual.

That looks an interesting day out and whats more its great to see the youngsters so involved    

Great pics  

Good job......well worth the time and effort.

I have just put up a couple of nesting boxes one stationery and one floating island type on my trout pond.

Since the pond was dug out, and the sides cleared, the ducks have buggered off, but side growth is now starting again, so I hope the ducks will return.

Great fun.

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