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U V Filtration System

Hi everyone. Our small holding has its own private spring. We have had the water analysed and it seems we need to have a UV Filtration system to make sure the water is pure. There are 2 types which meet the specifications we need ...1 is pvc cased the other is stainless steel cased and of course a big price difference between the 2 . Does anyone have any advice please ?

How much water do you intend to draw on a daily basis?

my preference would be for the stainless steel one. It is going to be considerably tougher and it's going to last considerably longer. It will also be less susceptible to weather, frost and UV damage.

A few years ago i used to keep and sell hundreds of Koi fish and had thousands of gallons of filtered water and used huge and lots of UV filters all of them where plastic and after a few years the seals/ O Rings started to perish and then the plastic would go brittle and perish and would leak.
You have to part dismantle them to change the UV lamps and so like Gareth says my choice would be the Stainless option although the initial outlay would be greater it would be cheaper in the long run.

Thank you Gareth and Slipster for your advice . We have been advised to get  
a unit which can deal with 23 litres a minute and you have both confirmed what we were already thinking about the differences between stainless steel and pvc . I think we will go for the dearer option because as you say, it will probably be cheaper in the long run and you can`t be too careful when it comes to something like drinking water .
Thanks again and stand by your beds because I have no doubt we will have many more questions for you in the near future

UV filters dont actually filter. They kill by light contact. They need to be left on 24/7 & you need to change the tubes as recommended.

Pollyanor - I have a trade account with a company that supplies irrigation equipment etc. Bosta UK - anyway if you can show me the part and spec etc I might be able to get you one a wee bit cheaper.

Thanks Justme and Barbie .I have only just seen your posts and unfortunately Hubby has already ordered it all from E.M.W.C. and we are supposed to be receiving it by tomorrow . We have ordered 48 litres per min.ultra violet system with a 5 micron pre filter to get rid of solid particles . We have gone overkill on the UV as we may need to expand in the future.
There is a lamp failure indicator and warning buzzer built in so there shouldn`t be a problem when it comes to changing the tube.
Oooo I`m so looking forward to fresh spring water from the tap   We have been living on bottled water for the last few weeks.
Dave C

Have only just seen this post sorry

May have been able to help you out as i can get UV and Pump systems.

Hope everything goes well, any problems i will watch out for your post.

Sorry again.


Thanks for all replies to my post . Just to keep you updated, we received the necessary gear last weekend but there has been so many other things to do we still haven`t got round to installing it yet we are still on bottled water Still looking forward to my first drink of springwater

That sounds great.  

Would you do me and my fellow OTGers a little favour please?

When you get around to installing the UV system and filter could you please take some photos of how it all goes together and post them up................. I am absolutely certain that that it will be both interesting and informative, and just may benefit one or two others

Thank you


Yes we will be only too pleased to take some pics  

Right ...Al`s still up the ladder but here`s the first few pics of this UV filter saga

This is all the gear as it came out of the packaging the 2 items at the back are the particle filter. The bulb and its sheath are in the 2 long white containers, they will fit inside the steel container.

These are the pipes in the loft where it will all be fitted ( after the storage tank)

A picture of the filter and UV in situ.

This one shows the connection a bit clearer

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