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Two very very old books.

A few weeks ago, I let it be known that I was in search of lemonade recipes and this evening in the local pub, one of Karens knitting club members let me have two rather old cookery books.

The first one was a mere toddler and was called 'The Samaritan Cookery Book' written by a Miss EP Watson. It was printed in 1903 but you'll understand why I used the term toddler when I tell you about the second book.

The second one is called 'Mrs Beetons Dictionary of Every-Day Cookery' and this gem was published a few months after her death in 1865. Both books are extremely old and worn but boy oh boy are they packed with information. There's even an obituary insert for the authors death in it, so the book must have been completed at around the time of her demise.
Mrs Beeton died at the very early age of twenty nine and I'm only hoping that her death wasn't as a result of her drinking her own recipe for lemonade. In addition to lemons and sugar, her version contains both Sherry and beaten egg whites.
I'm going to get a lot of fun out of these publications, now whose for lark pie ?

i love old books. When I was sorting through my MILs house I found a hand written book of recipes  and household hints and tips belonging to her mother, fascinating to read.

Sadly the Mrs Beeton book we found in a chest was beyond saving.

These two books have had well over a centuries thumbing and are very decrepit.

I love that if you look through you can tell what the favourite recipes were by the state of the page.

The Mrs Beeton book we found had sadly got wet and some stage and then moth eaten - it crumbled as we picked it up, such a shame.

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