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Two thousand more OTG cards ordered.

We have just ordered 2000 more OTG cards. Its just one of the ways that we use to get new people to join the forum. The more members we have on OTG the merrier.
If you want some to hand out, simply PM either Kaz or myself and we'll post them to you.

Got pushed through the letterbox Friday. Ta.

got mine ta

and me tanks

Thanks everyone, more cards were sent out yesterday.

We are approaching the milestone of having had 150,000 posts on the forum. Much more more significant, is the fact that we are beating the odds. Thanks to everyones help and enthusiasm, OTG will be three years old  this coming February. Statistics show that 95% of forums fail and close within three years.
Well done. Onwards and upwards.

I am a New Member.
What are "OTG Cards" ?

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