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Two firsts for Kip

Kip is coming along a treat. After her first dead Rat she has encounterd two more firsts.
We had a Stoat trying to dine on some 2 week old chicks. So the 22 came out and a Rat surrendered but no Stoat. Kip re killed the dead Rat. She has shown interest in the Old holes since. Next year will tell! The brooder pens were moved to the front of the house so we could keep an eye on them. The Stoat had a brood as well. She decided to move her Kits nearer lunch. We must of disturbed her with our toings and froings. One of the Kits was on the floor near the old Rat holes in a wall. Kip thought this is a good game and found another and pulled it out. Hopefully next year she will make a good Mink dog.

Then we had a visit from a Magpie.Not for long. Kip shown interest in the bird as well.

All in all, I am really pleased with Kips progress. Hopefully she will show as much enthusiasm on live quarry next year.



Nice one Kip.

Great one she should be a cracker

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