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big v

two days ratting

here we go

sending some more
big v


there is a 1000 rats in the pic but there were still loads under the middle part of the shed we could not get too had a great time and got some very sore dogs.

Great pics  

After a 1000 rats I bet the dogs were a little sore, but no doubt they are ready for next ratting day.

OMG ! A thousand rats       I don't know about sore dogs, they must have been absolutely plum tuckered. Just imagine how much food that horrible hord must have been consuming every day. Well done your crew.
big v

they are only the dead rats we could get to for the pic there was a hell of a lot we could not get hold of and some dogs were still killing under the sheds as we left so the number of rats at the end ???? but they were losing a hell of a lot of money this is the last year for the chucks . it was worth the 630 miles in two days for this.    

Big many dogs were there and what part of the country.  Looks like you had some good weather for it too!!


Great phots, thank you for sharing

big v

the lads have phoned me up tonight and they have had another 150 rats on monday carnt wait till they do the last shed another trip down south  

That's imprssive.  Always knew the terriers were ratters but never seen them in action.

A good read and crackin pics big v  

loopy lou

oh my goodness!!!

they do the job


Very impresive a nice haul congrats

Nice photos...Thats a fair amount of rats!!!

What did you use to bolt the rats?
Dave C

Cracking days sport, them Plummers look well mate.

big v

danny it was all down to the dogs mate we just lifted the sides up for them.

Fairplay...the dogs must have grafted really well then...just looked back through the post and theres some nice looking dogs.  
Wouldnt have liked to be the one carrying all of those bodies about and counting them etc for EOD pic though.  

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