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maine moose

Turf, not long to go before its BANNED

Got the opportunity to bring home some of the real Irish black stuff (not the sh*te made in Dublin owned by the yanks) so it was of to the bog to bring home some winter fuel. Its getting to be more and more harder with Brussels putting there oar in to it. It wont be many years till its all stopped. Some might say great, but its the only way for a lot of people to keep warm and cook. But like everything the government is not getting any return on it, so they want it ban in the name of conservation. So they can sell us coal and briquettes (made locally) but with a 23 percent V.A.T. on it to keep our masters in Germany happy. Rant over just a few pics of the bog yesterday. As the saying "If the turfs home and the hay is saved you can go to the Galway Races"

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Thanks for the photos, that is just like most governments %$^&Y(*(*&^% greedy gits

Loved the photos , of a way of life no more , i can remember seeing these all over the moors when i was a lad , but not any more , rules rules and more rules , !! not to mention the hard graft that went into digging it !.

Thank you for the photos!

I'm glad you were able to get what you wanted to, sorry the 'rulemakers' have gotten to you too ... we can relate.
maine moose

It's the same the world  over, the only thing here is "The Bog Cutters Association" stick together The government ie. the police tried to stop a turf cutter by impounding his machines, it sort of back fired when up to a 1000 people from all over Galway turned to and blocked the roads so the police couldn't get in or out. To  many to try and arrest private land and a no rule of law being exercised so nothing the 50 gardi  could do against the crowds. the man who own the machine had a hart attack and was rushed to hospital after the bailiffs accidently set fire to his digger. That's when it go hairy for the authority's and the left. He still ended up in court but on the day another huge crowd turned up and the judge dismissed the case  on a technicality. BUT here's the thing  when this was happening there was a news black out trying to stop ordinary folk from turning up at the bog to protest. Being local to it we all heard about it very quickly and was amazing the amount of small business shut up shop and went to try and stop the government bullies from taking the first steps in acting out the E.E.C. laws. I suppose its the only way for people power to show the government that a way of life is not for negotiation, by rich people who never got there hands dirty with honest toil.

We have SO been there, and are again this year~only for us, it's water.

The 'powers that be' "turned off" our irrigation water in 2001.  That water comes from our Klamath Lake into 3 main canals which the farmers have rights to.

As a show of unity in '01, a bucket of water was taken from Lake Ewana (fed by Klamath Lake) and handed person to person all the way down main street and poured into the main "A" canal by one of our then sitting Senators. Which broke the order of NO WATER in the canals.

The police couldn't really do anything given the large number of folks involved....after all, where exactly would they put a few thousand (men, women, children, infants)? In the end it was a peaceful demonstration, and we got our water back the next year.

Now, however, it is going again. They are just doing it in a 'round about' way this time.....and in piecemeal....the south lost it last year, the north and east lost it this year.... guess who's next.

Yep, it seems to be world wide and focused on food/water/livelyhood issues.

No complaints...just a fact of life. *sadly*

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