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Turbo cider.

A question to all you cider makers.

I'm about to put some turbo cider on the go, and was wondering if I can use some of the apple juice I pressed in the Autumn, instead of buying in apple concentrate from the supermarket.

The only thing I have done with the juice is pasteurize it.

No problems with that Paul, because you're going to be adding yeast.

Thanks J.

Just sterilized dj, air Lock and bung, so I will start it off tomorrow morning.

Should be nearly done by now...  

Normal takes about 7 days.

I did not manage to get it going today as I have sharpened 46 chains for chainsaws.

I have got my grubby little hands on about 2-3 arces of pine's and spruce's  that were bown over in the last storm.

So I've had three blokes armed with chainsaws debranching today, ready for me to pull out when I get this Walker frame off my leg.

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