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trying a new way

my veg plot is mostly stone so root veg is next to impossable to grow so i'm trying carrots this year in old car tyres filled with compost lets see if it works!

Were the same we grow them in the poly tunnel in troughs  

I too am doing the tyre bit, but will compost not make them split?

Never thought about using tires! Great idea. We usually have them in raised beds... might just do things a bit differently this year!

We've never had a problem with compost splitting ours. Course, we are in a much drier climate (which means much drier grounds), if that affects anything.

by tyres i supose you mean laid flat and piled on top of each other  a minimum of four high compost i hope you mean peat substitute i find a mixture of sand soil and peat is best and no manure mix a little growmore in and just sow the seeds thinly and cover and they should grow to a decent size depends on the variety for those who want to have a go them selves

i got hold of a few old race car tyres they are about 2 foot tall on there sides and i filled each of them with a 60 lt bag of cheap compost, mixed up with just mud that came out of a hole dug last week seeds sown and lightly covered

Great idea we have some old tractor tyres and plenty of vry old compost Thanks

Yep...with stony ground in mind, I too built a trough last year, well off the ground, sown the seeds in it last weekend.
The thread is on here, titled 'For a Change'.

Got the idea, a slight copy, a cople of guys where I had my allotments, cut two pallets in half formed a square box, filled them and planted them up.
As Goodlife mentioned, filled mine with a mix of old compost, sand and some finely riddled soil, definately No manure for root vedge.

Best of luck, keep us all informed of your progress

Yes it should be good , i've done similar things for a few years now the other benifit is you should not be bothered with carrot fly as they dont fly much over 18inchs high, i use soil from molehills that i collect from near the beach , i fill the tyre with soil + horse dung mixture grow a couple of tatties in it this year , then i grow my carrots in it the next year , works well for me , I usually end up with good carrots around 12 - 14 inchs

Someone tell the carrot fly they aren't supposed to be able to reach the top of tall tyres, pots and so forth. Up here the so and sos thermal in from a great height I swear.

There's got to be sand.

Similar idea used here. OH makes boxes from old pallets and floorboards. We grow carrots,spinach,salad crops,pea shoots in these to great effect! Already cropping spinach and salad leaves this year from boxes in the conservatory.

well seems to be working tiny little green cotton treads poking up

Greenhouse Gro-beds

Marshalls sell these. I thought they were too useful to keep in the greenhouse, so I have 2 planted with 6 growrings each; 1 planted with red onion sets, 1 with white onion sets, 1 sowed with early peas, 1 sowed with dwarf runners and alderman peas and the last with toms and broad beans. I put compost to depth of 3" and topped up with Multi-purpose compost with J.I.  No failures so far.    
12" high x 21" wide x 32" long - they hold a heck of a lot of compost.
My greenhouse will revert to growing toms and cucumbers again.
The sweetcorn has been transplanted into a large raised bed I constructed last year. Broad beans sown in situ.
I must sow more peas/beans in my veg plot before I finish turning it into a foxproof cage and restock with ducks (Runners,KCs and Ayleburys).

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