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Trowel and fork at the ready today.

I have a major planting session ahead of me in the polytunnel today.

So far, I have around two hundred onion setts planted down one side and six tomato plants. Today, the other side is  going to be getting two more tomato plants, two aubergines and twenty something peppers. What have you got in yours?
I notice the first green tinge of the dreaded chick weed starting to show where I've been watering. Last year I had a constant battle with the stuff.

A constant battle with chickweed in my garden for the past 3 years. As soon as I clear it up pops another lot
Nothing is quite ready to be  planted out as yet, maybe in a week or so.
I've toms, courgettes and peppers to go in the poly, oh and cukes. Undecided as yet with the cukes may use the G/H for those.
Plenty of squashes and pumpkins, but again the compost heap maybe better for those, if it rots down a little more.
Space is my biggest problem at the moment, still got plenty of space, but need to develop new beds...time being my biggest enemy

I would have bought a couple of cucumber plants yesterday but the ones at the garden centre weren't looking too happy, so I left them where they were. There's plenty of time for those yet.

I've not been brave enough to plant my toms, peppers, etc yet. We have frost forcast for the next two nights  
It is all ready to go though

I have raised the beds a little, dug in a layer of well rotted horse muck and topped them off with compost.
Hopefully the plants will grow well when they get in there.

The predicted frost don't seem to have appeared around here. Left me wondering should I or not, dig the poly over one more time and start planting out?
Spent most of yesterday pricking out and potting on. Which is now with all the pots limiting the room I have. Still loads more to pot on...

It certainly arrived here last night.
Every where was white over, the grass was crisp, the hens and dogs water drinkers were frozen.
They said it had been down to -2 !!
Just hope it doesn't harm the fruit blossom and vines.
Glad to hear it missed you.

We must have been luck, Brewer, about 5.30, went to our local 24hr S/Store, n the way noticed people scrapping off their car windows and as I arrived at the S/Store, staff leaving scrapping their car windows. Yet we were OKay?

Regardless ...when I returned home , started on the poly tunnel , turned the soil over, yet again. could not help but notice how cold the soil was.
I've decided to leave it alone for another couple of days.
Not going to put plants into cold soil, their feet(roots) may not take to kindly to the difference in temperature.

Must say for those who have followed my postings, after numerous bags of compost and manure, what a difference in the soil. A few lumps of clay still, now broken by hand, but I'm chuffed how its coming on.
Good job its not Smell - a - thread....

So  back to pricking out and potting up...

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