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Triops and sea monkeys

Oh! The joys of being a grandparent! You get a second go at all those must-have toys and, in this case 'pets'.
These little guys are on the Christmas list, and they do look like fun.
The 'sea monkeys' seem to live longer though, as the Triops seem to have cannibalistic traits - scroll down this Amazon link and read the tribute to Chompy - hilarious!

Sea Monkeys are a hybridised (and cleverly marketed) brine shrimp.

Have any of you had any experience of either of them?
Moby Jones

I've been keeping and breeing tropical fish for decades now and so I produce a large number of 'live foods' for fish fry. Brine shrimp being the most popular.

I agree, it's brilliant marketting plan. But then again, so is a lot of stuff in the aquatics industry! Believe me. I own a small, aquatics 'hobby business'.

Still. As long as the kids enjoy themselves. It's educational too.

We have tried the 'sea monkeys' too (and then fed them to the fish in the pond )

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