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Trimpley Heavy Horse Festival

Had a lovely morning here- its the home of the countries largest Suffolk Punch Stud- 46 animals in total.

The guys description of the horse was great- a face of an angel, the body of a barrel and the arse of a farmers wife .


Utterly gorgeous!!! Thanks for putting those up - I have a very soft spot for heavy horses even though I choose to ride an Arab! Love the colouring of the last 2 photos and what short legs he has! Could probably pull a train though!! Love Lizzie

I am another heavy horse fan as well, thanks for the photos.

I saw the signs for that when I was driving back from Kidderminster last week - shame I couldn't get another weekend off!
Gorgeous horses. Was it well attended?

It was very well attended- not very good at guess the numbers of people- but it must have been well over a 1000 based on the number of cars and the crowds.

A definate date for our diary next year.

That last horse is fantastic - I love Suffolks.  Botany Bay farm in Enfield keeps them, and some time this week I'm popping up there to view the progress of this year's foal

Great pics nice to see the big fellas doing what they are meant to do

Lovely pic's mate, beautiful creatures.

the arse of a farmers wife

Hope Dans doesn't read that bit.

Terrific pictures Stu.

Great pics  

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