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Trevally bite...

Finally had a great morning whipping (Hawaiian term for spincasting) with a 1/2 oz. silver and blue castmaster.  Caught four trevally, a couple of wrasse and some needle fish before the tide got too low and moved the fish out.

The reef where we were fishing just at the start of the Napli Coast.

Looking along the start of the Napli Coast.

Bluefin trevally

Couple of Christmas(?) wrasse...

Needle fish...


Nice looking fish

Jim, the neddle fish does it have green bones?

Hmmm...not sure. Never cut one up for bait or anything.

I was wondering the same thing. It looks a lot like a garfish. They have bright green bones......................must be something to do with their diet, I guess?

Beautiful place to be fishing, Jack!  

Neddel fish good fun on the fly, remember catching them up in Ajman in the UAE shook one of the fly and the wee bugger lached on to my fly rod, it still has the scratch marks on the varnish, have caught trevally on the fly same place as well great fight and happy times.

Tight lines


Sounds like you had some fun with the flyrod and the scratches to prove it!

Bodach and Jim I have deep fishing envy.

The lure looks like what we know as a Dexter Wedge over here. Very popular for Sea Bass. Nice fish Jim.

The one I was using is called a KastMaster. The 1/2 oz. one even on 10# line goes a mile.

Obviously U.S casting distances use, as a measure of scale, the same as over here. With outstretched arms, it was this big. One armed anglers find this very difficult to convey.  

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