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Tree planting campaign

There are moves afoot to replant trees in cities.

'Two tree-planting campaigns are under way in UK cities, in an effort to reverse the "chainsaw massacre" of the past. It appears that everyone loves trees, so why are so many being lost?
The huge broad-leafed trees so loved by the Victorian planners have become part of the British urban landscape.

But campaigners believe this part of our heritage is under threat and they launched a counter-offensive on two fronts at the weekend.

Find seeds in the wild (see chart below)
Plant at home - old juice cartons are ideal because they decompose
Plant in ground in Nov 2008
Choose a site after consulting local tree warden

Tree Council's Seed Gathering Chart [104KB]
Most computers will open this document automatically, but you may need Adobe Reader
Download the reader here
The Tree Council began its seed gathering season, to encourage people to collect seeds in the wild to plant at home, ready to put in the ground as saplings next year. And a fun run in Leeds was hoping to raise the profile of a tree-planting charity, Trees for Cities.

This kind of work has been given added urgency after a recent report by the London Assembly which outlined what it called the "chainsaw massacre" - the loss of 40,000 full-grown trees in the capital in the last five years.

Although smaller ones are planted as replacements, this decline of the mature trees has been mirrored in other regional cities.

It's a great loss because these trees bring many benefits, says Trees for Cities chief executive Graham Simmonds.

Trees and humans live side by side
As well as their beauty, they improve air quality by trapping pollution, they slow down rainfall, reduce noise pollution, provide shade and encourage healthy lifestyles, he says. And studies in the US suggest they increase emotional well-being'
green man

Think Mrs WW might have a couple of acorns spare! :q28:

Seriously though I'm in the process of getting 10 acres just so I can plant another wood, its prime agricultural land fairly level and adjacent to my land.

I intend to apply for a grant and plant 3 circles of woodland or even a spiral just so I have a really nice walk for the dogs and the wild life will love it lots of clearing.

I'm quite excited about it anyone know how to transfer a spiral on to a ten acre field? it must look good from the air.

I have also noticed that seed from different trees (same species) grow at amazingly different speeds so I need to get good stock , I will plant whips with tree guards and bamboo stakes.

We may have been jesting but, 2 years ago I did plant some acorns with the view to planting them out somewhere when they were big enough.

The seedlings got to about 18" and the bdooly squirrels destroyed them!!

I'll probably give it another try this year though - at least we have a dog now who's the perfect squirrel scarer

Aunty Jean (bodgers aunty) gives us a tiny conker tree every year that has sprouted in her garden - we've got them planted everywhere
green man

I've just found our smallholding on that link green man but it must have been taken at least 15 years ago :smt103 because there isn't a tree in site :smt103
We have planted hundreds of trees here including a little copse of christmas trees.
green man

If you click 15 north and 14 west on the original my place is top right 1/4, that believe it or not represents 2500 trees planted about 10 years ago.

Bottom left field with mowing lines running North south is the ten acres for the new wood, intend to plant three circles of trees here sometime :-)

Just looked at the wood I used to own....Very different from the pix.....I think they are quite old maybe?

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