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mrs tiggywinkle

Tree of life.

At last got the computer to work!!!!  so finally here are a couple of photos of the tree of life blanket I've knitted for my forthcoming grandchild.

 I must admit I'm VERY pleases with it...its the first time I've attempted to do cable work and eventhough I didnt stick to the actual pattern I think its worked out well.
Grandma Bodger

It doesnt look like knitting  thats a lovely job there will be know stoppng you now

Oh well done   that looks really very special

I've been eyeing up something similar for this past fortnight and wondering if my hands are on the mend enough to tackle it.
I do a lot of natural dyeing and have an awful lot of bits of aran wool to use up and thought that the trees would look good with them.
Did it take ages ? and was the weight as you worked a strain on your hands and elbows ?

It would be good to have photos of the new grandchild on it and with you in the photo too

Rick & Carol

very nice, you should do dozens and take them to craft fairs

Rick & Carol wrote:
very nice, you should do dozens and take them to craft fairs

He He  

It looks even better in real life - a real heirloom blanket.

gosh - that looks fantastic, it must have taken forever to knit something as complicated as that.... well done you and lucky grandchild

It's SO beautiful!!!!!

WOW that is beautiful !!  What a wonderful gift to treasure.

Hey Thats really cool. I was thinking something a little different when i read the subject. Beautiful!!
Dave C


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