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Tree guards Corrugated green "tubex"? + brown spir

I think there are about 90 or so of the green corrugated ones.  They are of rigid plastic and held together with cable ties  so you can remove them for weeding or inspecting the trees or reuse.

I think they cost about 2 each if you buy off ebay  

There are probabLy about the same amount of the brown spiral type havent counted

I will throw in lots of good quality plastic flower pots, many of really useful larger sizes,  some unused if you would like them.  Would be ideal for someone with a planting scheme or looking to start some sort of nursery project where rabbits are being a problem

Sorry but would prefer not to have to pack it all up as feeling somewhat frazzled after the last few weeks, so collection from Worcestershire  WR6 5AG please.


If there are no takers I will stick them on ebay but currently would prefer not to have to make the effort

Thanks - think they are all gone now

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