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Treacle lick anyone?

We treated all the horses to a treacle mobility lick last week. As usual Bella trashed hers and broke the container to bits so we hung her lick from a tie ring on the rails...........this is what she looked like this morning
The other horses will be licking it of her in the field today


Mucky girl! xx

Thats why I dont use one on my white grey! Love Lizzie
p.s - nice beard!!

Im very sorry but you have just had me laughing out loud and my hubby is giving me strange looks.

God love her, she looks like she enjoyed that


May be easier to brush some on her where she can get too so she can lick it off    

Bless her! My pal's stroppy cremello arabx used to do that with his red mineral lick. We used to call it his war paint  

  my grey covers herself when I give her a lick - banana is her favourite. If she has access to my old girls treacle lick she ends up with a black face & will eat one within a day. She loves giving out sticky kisses.

My mare had one as an early crimbo pressie. I did think she would end up with it all over her but so far she has not managed to devour it or get it all over herself.


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