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traps and pens for sale

ladder traps for corvids 6'x6x'6' tantalised timber & wire mesh. 150 +delivery.
Wooden double entry Larsen traps 75.
Partridge pens 8'x8'x5' tantalised timber & wire mesh including roof net & 'S' hooks. 110 + delivery.
Pheasant/ poultry self feeders 40kg blue plastic drums with treated tripod legs & spring. 15 + delivery.
All items can be collected free
All items can be made to your personal requirements.
Please pm me for further information & pictures.

wire Larsen side and top entry 75
wooden Larsen now 50
wire Larsen mate 27.50
we are doing 8x8 brooder huts 9mm ply 2x2 framing including floor 375
night shelters to attach covered in mono-flex 215

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> The Trading Post
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