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Trail cam.

As Bodger's fox is camera shy, I thought I would show you what can be captured with trail cam, here are a few images taken with my trail cam.

I could not understand why so much corn was being eaten at a feeding station, I had put out for the pheasants, so I put up a trail cam on a nearby tree.

Seeing the images, I now understand why the corn barrel was being emptied so quickly.

Brock was making short work of the wheat barley, mazie, peas and rape mix that I had put in the barrel.  

You'll notice no fox images, our fox population was badly hit by mange, round about the same time these images were taken, so it was kinder to shoot them, as soon as one was seen with mange, instead of them having to suffer a painful slow lingering death.


Fantastic photos ....I think I've just earmarked my 'egg money'

Great photos and they really tell the story

Brilliant images Paul. I captured a little bit of a story last night.

Great pics, well done!

great 24hours of life there, a great Doco.thanks
Dave C

Excellent and good quality too  

The story is told.... great pics

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