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This is the first post on a new section. Ideally, these pictures of the tractors that I saw today at the Morfa Nefyn Historic Vehicle Show would have been in a working context but you can't have everything. Enjoy.

A row of Dextas, the first one has an old potato planter attached.

Its a long time since the Lister engine was in the forefront of technology on the farm.

Everyones favourite, the good old Grey Fergi. These models were definitely kept for show. They were immaculate.

This dinky little Farmall was even smaller than the Fergi.

A few more.

It was only a small country show but it was well worth a look.

Again a great set of images.

For me tractors have to be blue.

The first tractor I had was a little grey Fergie, it was then 'upgraded' to a Massey Ferguson, which we started with the dipstick and jump started so always had to be parked on a slope. They were used mostly to scrape down the yard and cattle stalls and getting the cows in from the fields furthest from the farm,

Great pics

Sweet photos!!

Excellent photos, it's Cromford steam rally on the 2nd and 3rd, a really good day out. The young apprentice loves it  

Thank you great to see them  

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