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Tracks. Your opinions please.

I found these tracks in the gateway to one of our fields this morning. It rained virtually all day yesterday and as the tracks are nice an crisp, the creature that made them was about last night or early this morning.
They are a little squirrel like but as I can count the number of times that i've seen one on the fingers of one hand, its got me thinking as to what else might have made them.

I had two marauding polecats a few years ago. What do you think ?


Badger Bodger?. Love Lizzie

What size are they? (in comparison to a pound coin, for instance?) Could be polecat, mink, otter......................

Oops   Just seen the boot print beside guess would be mink  

My 1st thought was mink but their prints, or at least the ones I've seen on my river ar more splayed out, almost like a star anise for want of a better analogy

Not enough digits for a mink.....looks more like a rabbit to me.

I don't think its a rabbit Jakey. The pads usually show up quite a bit more.

Jakey wrote:
Not enough digits for a mink.....

That's a good point! Hadn't picked up on that  

Might be a rabbit then, right enough? I wonder if that's the front prints you can just see behind the larger ones?

I'm baffled, that's me out of ideas! Unless, of course, Bodger's just invented them?    

Four toes....

hmmmmm.......hedgehog maybe

4 Toed Sloth.


is there just the one set of prints. or is there a track of them

Those were the only ones dan

how about this theory ,there seems to be one set of prints ,no pad inprint  looks like claw ,
it could have flown in

4 toes & no rear 'talon' mark though? It's a puzzler  

I still reckon Bodger made 'em  

A rabbit really stopping suddenly on those two feet?  Or taking off in a hurry?  I can't decide...

lilwitedogs wrote:
Or taking off in a hurry?

desperatedan wrote:
it could have flown in

Guess if the two were attached.........................?



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