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My daughter has been after a tortoise for about 4 years. I have always wanted one too so I am looking into the possibility of getting a Hermans tortoise but don't know anyone who has one.

Any OTG members have a tortoise?

I had one for a few years when I was little but someone pinched it along with my sisters   .

Can you still get them? I thought you couldn't anymore

They sell them at the Moreton Park Garden Centre near Oswestry. I have always fancied one but think that the dogs would fancy it even more :xconfused:

kaz wrote:
... the dogs would fancy it even more :xconfused:

Yup! Mine would think it was an animated Wright's Pie  :xroll:

There you go again Alice ! Wrights Pies. Mmmmmhhhhhhhhh would you like us to post you some up ?

Nah, they're not the same since they started baking them in foil cases  

oaktree, i have pm'd you about mine.

I havent had a Wrights pie in years and as you say, they never used to be in tin foil.  Thats progress for you.

mogs wrote:
oaktree, i have pm'd you about mine.

Thanks   you have a pm back.

This may help.....

I had a tortoise when I was little.  Slowcoach.  Favourite foods - dandelions, buttercups and human fingertips.

Was forever escaping - once carried off by a fox until he freaked it out, and once run over by the grass cutting tractor in the park (think the blades came to more harm).

Still going strong today.  My brother says he'll have to make a will as Slowcoach will have to be found a home.

I had a tortoise when I was younger, Alfred, named after my grandad, but he didn't last long cos I dropped him.  My brother had one that would climb out of the pen my dad made with scaffolding planks and go walkabout. The dog always managed to find him, until the last time he escaped..............he's probably still alive and living with someone else in Yorkshire now.

You can still buy them but they're not cheap. One pet shop near where I work sells them for the better part of 100, and someone I work with keeps his in a polystyrene box in the fridge during winter   (On the advice of the vet i have to add)


the two i have here,  Maisey and Cyril, were uhum given to me, by my daughter.
i bought them for her about 2 years ago, they were aged 3 and 4 and really small, but because of her cicumstances, she has asked me to look after them for a few years, until her dog has passed away, as he attacks the table they are on.

so i now have them in their tortoise table in this room. they are now about 5 and 6 years old and too young to hibernate yet, until they are about 10 years old.

they have a heat lamp, and a uv lamp in with them and a little house to sleep and hide in.
thier diet is very varied from greens, cucumber, banana to rose petals, but they also have pellets from the pet shop. they also have calcium powder on thier greens so thier shell is hard, and cuttlefish to keep thier beak trimmed..

in the summer they have an outside cage so they can munch on grass. you can even buy special grass seed for them, so you can grow thier type of

they cost me 150 each, 2 years ago, and apparently the older ( bigger ) they are, the more expensive they are   the table they have costs around 200, but anyone handy with a saw and screwdriver can make one.

personally, i cant see the point in keeping tortoises, they dont do anything except she had wanted them since a child, so i suprised her with them, neithr of us realising the dog would object.

our dogs are fine with them, but then they are used to having incubators and chicks in the

We had one (Fred) when I was a child - apparantly my mum got him when she was little! He died in the 90's so must have been at least 70. My aunt found him a girlfriend (Esme) in the 1970's. She spotted Esme walking slowly but purposefully up Eltham high street! After they had been together for a couple of years we tried to make out the odd bashing sound coming from the back garden - it was Fred trying his hardest to mount Esme - she was easily double his size. They were bu**ers for escaping I remember. Love Lizzie p.s 230 in the pet shops round here!!!

A bit late, but we have one.
George turns out he is probably a she  

My sons just taking a course on Tortoise keeping he's 21 and totally absorbed by them.

They are more or less a goat with a shell, the best food for them is weeds  
All George does all day is eat, bask, sleep or try to find a way to escape from his table.
mrs tiggywinkle

My brother and I had a tortoise when we were kids called Tommy (what else!!!), he was great...My Dad grew strawberries.......Tommy ate the strawberries WE got the blame!!!!


ive had loads of torts and know some one who paid 20,000+ for one .mind it was very big adult female galapagus

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